Inventory Management Program


The human heart is responsible for the efficiency of the body, and in a similar manner, good inventory management software improves the operation efficiency of your warehouse.

Inventory management software, which we offer, is the key to ensuring that your company has full and safe control over the managed warehouses. This tool has been created in such manner, so that the user could in a simple and intuitive way manage the warehouse resources and gain an insight into the actual stock level from the complementary workstation.

Functions that distinguish our inventory management software:

• Simple and clear interface that facilitates the work of the user.

• Compatible with all versions of Windows, it works quickly and efficiently thanks to the use of modern technology Microsoft .Net and optimization of code of the program.

• Generating with "one click of the mouse" such documents as: goods received note, goods issued note, GRN correction, GIN correction, internal goods received note, internal goods issued note, corrections, discounts, transfers and others.

• Possibility of adapting the program's configuration to your own needs e.g. turning on/off of the price handling, client handling, etc.

• It supports data collectors, label printers and barcodes

• It can handle multiple warehouses and operation in a network.

Check out the full functionality of the program.

Our inventory management program is perfectly suited for all kinds of companies. You can fully use its registry capabilities in trade, service and manufacturing companies. It may also be very useful in construction, gastronomy, electronic, printing industries and many other companies.

Opinions of the clients who have chosen our inventory management software:

"I am the owner of medium-size service-warehouse company. I have a warehouse with several chambers and workstations, and if it weren't for this program and its possibility to work in a network, then managing the warehouse in my company would surely caused me a lot of additional work. Thank you."

Mark W.

"I'm engaged in online trade and several times I had a problem with the product, which suddenly ran out of stock and this delayed the shipment of the purchase products even by several weeks - which resulted in loss of the clients. Since I purchased your inventory management program, I'm able to much faster react to the amount of given product, which starts to run out"

Lucas G.

"I am the chef in restaurant and since I've persuaded my boss to purchase your program, my work has become a whole lot easier - I am able to quickly determine and specify when our stock must be supplemented. I highly recommend your program"

Jennifer Z.

Welcome to the website of the Warehouse Program. The quality of the program certifies multitude of satisfied customers.

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