Advantages of the warehouse managements software

Warehouse management, which is extremely important for small and large enterprises, needs reliable software to run smoothly. An excellent solution is the online storage program. It gives you the conditions to work from anywhere you have access to a web browser. This tool has many advantages and is adapted to the individual needs of customers.

warehouse managements software

Stable and intuitive storage software

The LoMag warehouse software was created by professional developers who simplified the interface so that it is accessible, intuitive and easy to use for everyone. The use of the latest technology ensures long-lasting and stable operation. Online availability gives you the opportunity to report technical problems and help quickly. An additionally available trial version of the product allows you to try the LoMag software before buying it.

An extremely important function for efficient organization of work in a warehouse is the recording of processes. The software enables us to enter information about operations occurring at the stock level. These actions are stored in the program database to which we have unrestricted access. If necessary, we can simply check the history of warehouse activity. Significant warehouse operations include commodity additions. The warehouse program allows us to group products and arranges them maximize efficiency. In addition, the software supports any number of storage spaces and warehouses.

ZEBRA MC2180 data collector - Portable terminal using WiFi with LoMag database

Efficient organization of a warehouse

One of the main tasks of the warehouse program is the creation and editing of documents such as receipts, returns or discounts. This is of great importance for larger companies, for which the creation of a transparent database is a priority. In addition, the software allows us to prepare daily, weekly and monthly product reports. The software supports many formats including PDF, as well as allows us to move data to Excel spreadsheets.

The ZEBRA MC2180 data collector

The great advantage of the program is the support of most popular label printers and barcode readers. The ZEBRA MC2180 data collector (available with LoMag software) deserves special attention. This device is characterized by extraordinary durability. It is resistant to falls, as well as water and dust. It can read every barcode, and the technology used allows for wireless communication with peripherals. Data collectors with built-in Windows CE enhance the work of any magazine. They do not overload devices and give us the ability to work online. This allows you to work in real-time on a warehouse program database without having to synchronize.

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